Happy Wheels Space is an addictive online game where you need to choose a character and complete the level. The main concern in happy wheels unblocked is, each character is different and possesses different skills. So, choose your own character and enjoy the game.

Happy Wheels

The gameplay is easy and simple as there’s not much to do in this game. There are no missions and levels in this game. However, you need to complete the level though to reach the next level.

You need to choose your characters first. There are 4 characters available and you need to choose one. Actually, you can choose from only 3 as the other 1 is available only in the full version. While choosing the player, you need to understand that, every character has different skills. So, you need to choose accordingly. Finally, choose the playground you want to play on.

Overall, you need to choose your guy and select the ground you want to play in. And run till the guy is fully broken into pieces. The main objective of this game is to finish the race and complete the level.

The best part about Happy wheels Full is, it’s hard to control the player. In other words, the controls are hard and it’s pretty easy for you to cut your character’s limbs while you make a jump. So, there’s a lot of blood in this game. Therefore, if you think the blood and violence will disturb you or your child who is playing, then you can control that from the options section. Just turn off the blood.


  • Use the arrow keys to move the player. Up arrow for acceleration. Down arrow to slow down and stop. Right arrow to lean forward and Left arrow to lean backward.
  • Shift and Ctrl are for secondary actions.
  • Z to eject.
  • Space to grab after eject.